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Rebranding Your Business.

What to know about rebranding your business… Your Brand is EVERYTHING 

Words by Campbell Alizzi
Wednesday, 06 Jul 2022
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Are you and the team considering rebranding your business? 

Branding isn’t just a logo; it’s your entire customer experience. Your logo, font, tone of voice, website, social media, and even how you interact with customers are all aspects of your brand.

Many businesses, from start-ups to large corporations, neglect their branding or fail to rebrand when necessary.

In today’s digitalised market, it is easy to become obsolete. You’re jeopardising your future prosperity by failing to keep up with the times. If you’re thinking of a rebrand, you likely need one

Here are some common signs to consider when contacting a professional branding firm.

Rebranding Your Business⭐️Relevance

Only a few brands have remained consistent throughout their history or withstood the test of time with aesthetics that are always met with contemporary approval. Even well-known brands like Coca-ColaAppleNike, and Volkswagen have undergone subtle or seismic changes to appeal to modern standards.


Simply wanting to keep up to date is one of the biggest motivations for a rebrand. Suppose your logo was designed in paint, or you’re still using retro fonts from the 80s. It’s likely the only visitors to your social pages are looking for a #throwback or good laugh.

Evolution / Transformation

If your business is moving away from its flagship product or core offerings. It’s likely your current brand will not be consistent with your company’s future vision.

Imagine how confusing you’d look to millennials if you ran an electronic store and your logo was a floppy disk 💾. They’d probably wonder why your logo is the ‘save icon’ from old-school video games.

Even your company name might have been cool 30 years ago, but puns and ‘wordz’ spelt with zeds are not appealing and aren’t consistent with your current services.



The most likely reason for rebranding is to take a different direction. A rebrand can symbolise your evolution and re-energise your marketing efforts.


Rebranding Your Business🌏Expansion

Businesses must consider a rebrand when expanding to new territoriesA total rebrand can be more invigorating and unifying than an off-branch of the original brand.

In some instances, a company’s name or logo can be considered offensive in a new market. It’s also possible your new market already has a key player with a similar name or logo.

Suppose your business hopes to expand into a territory with a historic rivalry with the region you’re named after. In that case, you could find your business opportunities slightly hamstrung.

Let’s imagine this for a second. You’re the biggest carpet company in Sydney; you’ve got stores all over NSW and decide you want to go nationwide. You set up shop in Melbourne and one week into business in the new state, you might start to wonder why people aren’t coming to  “Sydney’s Superior Carpets & Flooring” like they do in Sydney.

Developing a new brand identity can confirm that your company is geared for geographical expansion and diversifying cultures.


Sometimes the easiest way to launch a new product, generate buzz and build loyalty is to go niche. Once established in the marketplace, with a saturated audience, the next logical step is to broaden your appeal and expand your demographic.

A rebrand is often an excellent way to break into new markets without alienating your base.

Mergers & Acquisitions

When a business merges or acquires another, it’s essential to appeal to the new customer base. Many new customers are likely to come from the other business.

It’s crucial to understand how the acquired brand fits into the overall brand architecture and alignment of the parent company. You can lose the absorbed company’s existing customers if you neglect them in your new marketing efforts.

Both brands can suffer if the merger isn’t thought through. A rebrand is an effective marketing and PR strategy that reflects the new dynamic and retains loyal customers.

Website Woes

Your company’s branding needs to reflect who you are and where you are going, not just where you’ve come from. Depending on the degree of misalignment between your desired brand and current website, you might be doing some tweaking or a complete overhaul.

If your focus or message has evolved significantly, then you might as well go the whole hog by rebranding and rebuilding your site.

Your branding isn’t just about your website. Your message needs to be consistent across all channels. The new website isn’t going to get much love from the dated advertisements circulating.

Rebranding Your Business⏳It's Time

Rebranding is essential to reflect the growth of your business, but it needs to be done correctly. Chat with the branding experts at Belgrin to see if it’s time to rebrand and how to stand out online.

Rebranding would be necessary if the brand loses potency against competitors or memorability with customers. Other reasons a business may rebrand include international growthnew management, a bad reputation or an outdated image.

The average company rebrands every 7-10 years. Whether changing their logo’s style, restructuring a website, or changing brand colours, rebranding aims to enhance their visual identity.

The biggest motivator for a business to rebrand is their customers not responding as they once did to the brand. Ultimately, rebranding should refocus existing messaging to better connect with target audiences.

A rebranding of an organisation will take time, money, and a well-executed brand strategy. Critical things for the organisation to consider when rebranding include…

  1. How far do the rebranding efforts go (minor to complete overhaul)?
  2. Are you clearly communicating the changes to existing customers?
  3. Are you addressing what is and isn’t working with the brand?

The End

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